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Hello, nice to see you again.  It’s been awhile.  Blogging became un-cool for a time and as a result I’ve neglected you.  For that I’m sorry.  But from the beginning this has been a pretty selfish venture to document something special in my life.  I recently discovered my identity and now you seem new again. is a public place to document my thoughts about life.  I struggle with the personal nature of these words, and I don’t know how helpful they are for the random googler – maybe... Read The Rest →

The day we've been waiting for

I haven’t been blogging in forever, but this is newsworthy… Something amazing happened today. I got to see my friend Herman finally get his place @ friendship house transitional housing. Yes! He checked in at 3 PM this afternoon. I used 200 of your dollar bills (you know who you are) to help him with the deposit. If you were one of the contributors from over a year ago…thank you. Please pray for him – that he is steadfast.

the tension of a Christian

I eat lunch with Homeless Herman and then go home to my 400 thread count sheets and my memory foam pillow. That’s the tension I feel as a Christian who tries to look like Jesus at lunch but still sleeps well at night…

the church is on the rise – louie giglio

here’s a monday morning quote for you…this is Louie Giglio talking about the sixsteps record label (tomlin, crowder, hall, redman) – he’s talking about the success of the record label but he puts things into perspective pretty well here… “There is something I am confident of,” declares Louie Giglio, “That the Church that Christ is building worldwide is on the rise. The whole Christian record industry could vanish, yet the Church will prevail and prosper. So I think our future is in being aligned with his movement, not ours, and... Read The Rest →

Groupness – homeless redefining community

I met Herman today during lunch.  We had a good time reconnecting.  Today was a good day for him…his mind was very clear.  We started talking about the money I have stored away for him – and how I feel bad that we haven’t found a good way to spend it on him.  He told me to keep the money for now, and that it was better for me to hold on to it until he gets his apartment.  I can tell he trusts me. The good news is that... Read The Rest →

the person in me

Ben and I were hanging with Herman over the summer and at the time he (Herman) had been beaten up by a guy on the street…his eye was all swollen.  I guess it really is dangerous to live on the street? I was just re-reading my journal today and found a quote from Herman about the incident.  This is how Herman described his feelings that day… The person in me wants to repay him…but the God in me wants to forgive him. Herman may lack solid theology, but he has... Read The Rest →

Herman update

Terry Foester October 16, 2008 at 4:13 pm I’m sorry for not updating you on Herman… I still meet with Herman almost every Wednesday. Herman is still on the street. We still have the money sitting/waiting for him…I still give him clothes and food (And Bibles – which he in turn hands out – but he’s not open to getting counseling right now. After his time in prison, he had a good stretch where he showed some improvement towards his outlook. Now he’s back in a rut…causing trouble on the... Read The Rest →

Haiti Relief

My good friend Cody recently got back from Haiti. Through his work with the North American Mission Board, Cody is helping funnel relief funds to Haiti with the recent crisis.  Here is a brief update from his blog: I just got off the phone with one of our contacts where we were working in Haiti and was told that the death toll is now over 500 and still climbing due to the hurricanes that have devastated Haiti.  People are literally starving to death and dying of thirst because of all... Read The Rest →

Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes

My cool sis Natalie pointed out that the song “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath reminded her of what we’re doing on the streets of Wilmington. Brandon Heath also reminds me a little of Matt Kearny. I like the lyrics – Give me your eyes so I can see everything that I keep missing. Look down from a broken sky Traced out by the city lights My world from a mile high Best seat in the house tonight Touch down on the cold black top Hold on for the... Read The Rest →

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