Herman's Bridge – update #5

If you’re just learning about Herman’s Bridge, and you want to give Herman 1 dollar – start here. Don’t forget to leave a comment on the original post if you’re in.

Ben and Terry were interviewed by Rick Jensen @ WDEL. Listen here!

Rick Jensen interviewing Ben and Terry about Herman’s Bridge

Ben and Terry goofing off in the WDEL/WSTW lobby…good times.

Feel free to leave comments or questions, and Ben and I will respond. We want to hear how Herman’s Bridge is influencing you.

Our idea of Family fun.



  • I just read about your story in the News Journal. I live in Hockessin and attend the New Ark United Church of Christ but my children attend Hockessin Baptist every summer for your awesome Vacation Bible School. I was touched by your story. I help out with the Hope Dining Room in Newark which offers lunch on a larger scale. The part I find most rewarding is touching people on an individual level and learning that everyone does have a story to tell.

  • May 3, 2008 at 9:42 am //

    Just saw the story in the News Journal. Herman’s a celebrity!

    I thought the article was really positive and I was glad to see that your underlying reason for doing what you’re doing came through loud and clear. Am so excited to see God using you and Ben to get others involved in reaching out.


  • I was just so touched by this article. The fact that you actually thought what would Jesus do gave me chills. All of us Christians should be asking the same question. What you are doing is so beautiful to me and I know that Herman is just as much as a blessing to you both. I believe all God’s children can teach us something…if we just take the time to listen. God Bless You All! Give Herman I big hug for me…it was very nice of him to go to lunch with you two.

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