Haiti Relief

My good friend Cody recently got back from Haiti.

Through his work with the North American Mission Board, Cody is helping funnel relief funds to Haiti with the recent crisis.  Here is a brief update from his blog:

I just got off the phone with one of our contacts where we were working in Haiti and was told that the death toll is now over 500 and still climbing due to the hurricanes that have devastated Haiti.  People are literally starving to death and dying of thirst because of all of the flooding.

The village where we just returned from, Camp Coq (a tiny village 2 hours from the city of Cape Haitien) has been devastated.  Homes where we were just visiting last week are completely gone.  The church and orphanage are ok, and any other home made of concrete.  But the homes that are not made of concrete have been destroyed.

Jamare’s home has been destroyed.  Where will she go?

You can read all the details here, and see some great photos from his trip to Haiti.

He also has an update here on how the Delaware Baptist Association is getting involved.

I agree with Cody’s encourgement to get involved with prayer and giving.

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