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Terry Foester October 16, 2008 at 4:13 pm

I’m sorry for not updating you on Herman…

I still meet with Herman almost every Wednesday.

Herman is still on the street. We still have the money sitting/waiting for him…I still give him clothes and food (And Bibles – which he in turn hands out :) – but he’s not open to getting counseling right now. After his time in prison, he had a good stretch where he showed some improvement towards his outlook.

Now he’s back in a rut…causing trouble on the street…but we’re still his friend, still trying to love on him.

I will bring some new love to the blog SOON!


  • October 20, 2008 at 10:02 am //

    In my own heart I desired Herman to “recover” from being on the streets. I wanted him (and still do) to be reconciled to Jesus by recognizing his sin, repenting of them and then chasing after Jesus. To hear that he hasn’t done this and is still struggling with the things that can so easily ensnare people living on the streets, is hard to hear.

    However, Jesus never said it would be easy reaching out to the broken. Most people want to believe that after giving money to a dynamic idea like this that everything else will just fall in line, Herman will “behave” and it will end with a Hollywood ending with Herman getting a high paying job, finding a home and starting life over with “happyness”.

    Jesus told us to sow the seeds not reap them, so we must just keep planting, keep loving, which is exactly what you are doing Terry. Only the Holy Spirit can transform Herman’s heart, not food, water, clothing, or even housing and job training.

  • Andy,
    We are excited to meet you and your family…talk to you soon brother. Let’s get our families and kids together and see if we can run into Herman together.

    Thanks for sharing your heart about Herman. It’s true – he’s a bit unlovable at times (to me that is)…but God’s love is so super and so far reaching and so ridiculous…. God has no trouble loving Herman or me. HIS LOVE IS AMAZING! HIS LOVE IS AMAZING man!

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