Groupness – homeless redefining community

I met Herman today during lunch.  We had a good time reconnecting.  Today was a good day for him…his mind was very clear.  We started talking about the money I have stored away for him – and how I feel bad that we haven’t found a good way to spend it on him.  He told me to keep the money for now, and that it was better for me to hold on to it until he gets his apartment.  I can tell he trusts me.

The good news is that Herman is next on the list to get an apartment through the agency he’s working with.  Please pray that something opens up soon.  He’s been on the waiting list for over 2 years and he’s getting close.300px-wilmingtonstation

Herman started talking about a little group of homeless friends that spend nights together in the Wilmington Train station (pictured above) – from about 7:30 PM to around 6 AM…Hollywood, Hum’bird, Angel, Herman and another “old mama”.

He was talking about how they have “groupness“.

I said, “oh you mean you have community?”

He said, “No, groupness…you know – we look out for each other.”

I said, “Oh yeah, groupness

There you go, a new vocab word…

group·ness (grōō’p nēss)
n.   Slang

  1. a social group of 5 people or less whose members are unrelated but reside in a specific locality, share food and blankets, and often have a common heritage, and who look out for each other…


  • I am excited to be working downtown again… maybe I will bump into Herman sometime. You should stop in at the SURJ office if you’re near Rodney Square!

    Groupness, what a great word…

  • Groupness… I wonder if he thinks as that as less than or better than community.. I love that you keep up with Herman.. I love hearing his stories because its so easy to just dismiss the homeless. These stories make the problem real and personal. Thanks for keeping up with it.

    My wife and I are looking to move into downtown Wilmington sometime soon, just because we want to get where the action is. Since I swore I’d never move back to Delaware 4 years ago, this is an incredible work of the holy spirit in my life. :)

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