the church is on the rise – louie giglio

logo_splash_black_greyhere’s a monday morning quote for you…this is Louie Giglio talking about the sixsteps record label (tomlin, crowder, hall, redman) – he’s talking about the success of the record label but he puts things into perspective pretty well here…

“There is something I am confident of,” declares Louie Giglio, “That the Church that Christ is building worldwide is on the rise. The whole Christian record industry could vanish, yet the Church will prevail and prosper. So I think our future is in being aligned with his movement, not ours, and in being linked to the process of building up the Church versus growing a label. After all, our songs are for that very Bride, designed to give voice to a new generation wanting to reach for God and stake their hearts on something greater than themselves. We will continue to work hard to restore, expand, create, and modify our approaches to delivering music to every listener on the planet, but we are hopeful because we are a part of an expanding Kingdom, not a shrinking industry. It’s a tough time to be building a label, but a great time (maybe the best time ever) to be building the Kingdom of God.”

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  • i don’t question louie’s sincerity, but am i alone here in saying that the whole christian music industry rubs me the wrong way?

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